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Trending Baby Product Must Haves

Bird Themes

Birds seem to be a reoccurring theme amongst Baby products making their way around every few years. As of recent we have seen this trend reappear with a variety of products from bedding, to clothing and even cloth diapers like these ones by Bumkins, which are super stylish and give a chic retro feel.

Fuchsia and Teal

Light pink and light blue seem to have totally taken over the baby market. Two substitutes that seem to be on the rise though are the colors fuchsia and teal.  If you’re looking for something different, loud and fresh these colors work perfect. While reviewing this trend we found two bright strollers in these colors by Bugaboo

Bottles to Simulate Momma

Many parents find that after breast feeding its hard to get their youngster to take a bottle. Something we’ve found particularly astounding is the new bottles that are being put out to combat this problem. The bottles are formed to simulate the mothers breast in look and feeling. Brands such as Avent and Tommee Tippee now have bottles that better mimic a breast, but probably the most unique one is this angled bottle by Mimijumi

Versatile Strollers

Manuevering strollers can often prove to be a task seemingly harder than it should be. For awhile there existed many limitations on strollers where it seemed there was a gab in consumer need and practicality. Now companies are making a much wider range in the strollers theyre putting out leaving parents very thankful. This stroller by Kolcraft Contours Bliss, seemed to perfectly meet consumers wants and needs.

Inventions by Parents for Parents

Its one thing for a baby product to be aesthetically pleasing, it’s totally another for it to have practical implications on parents everyday routine. As of recent many parents have sought to solve some every day issues they have for themselves by inventing. A great example of this is Mixie bottle, which stores formula powder inside — when it’s time for a feeding, just release the powder into the water and shake.



While we are seeing a lot of bold colors we are also equally observing a lot of soft muted toned clothing with trendy designs. Companies are throwing together more fashion forward designs. Many of these designs include prints of animals, graphic shapes and lines and abstract patterns giving a textural element to your baby’s clothing.


If you’re into high end style and want to go against the grain a bit this pram from Inglesina is perfect for you. The pram gives homage to a more retro style and era where simplicity was key. While you do get that nice clean and simple look with this product it still functions as a new one would and is very maneuverable.


Seemingly replacing that chocolate brown that we’re happy to see go is tones of greys in baby products. These products give your baby’s decor a more chic and cohesive look as everything seems to match with it. A great example is this modern looking bassinet by Monte.

Practical Jewelry

It is seemingly impossible to not have your little one yanking or biting on something on you. Trending now is chewable pieces that your baby can interact with. This eliminates the worry of your baby harming itself or breaking your jewelry because the pieces are made for direct safe interaction.

Tasteful Pattern

When utilizing patterns for baby products its can be very easy to hit tacky pretty quick. Brands like Clek (pictured here), Skip Hop and Itzy Ritzy putting out tasteful products that are still playful and full of color. This car seat with this Paul Frank design is a great example.